Who We Are

You can’t do a good job if your job is all you do.

John coaches a nationally ranked girls hockey team.
John Cimba
President & CEO

Joe loves food, wine, and recreating old recipes from his Italian grandmother's cookbook.
Joe Stella
VP, Association Sales

A former nurse, Paula hosts GLC’s Fruit Tuesday — a tradition she launched to ensure our Vitamin C levels are in check.
Paula Frey
SVP, Client Strategy

Whether she's on the football field, at a wrestling match, or watching a Jiu-jitsu tournament, Shannon is her kids' No. 1 fan.
Shannon Cummins
VP, Healthcare Sales

Ed was an Academic All-American in baseball.
Ed Conner

Rene is a news junkie. One of her fondest memories is of the time she drank a gin-and-tonic with Walter Cronkite.
Rene Ryan
Vice President, Content Strategy

Scott has appeared in more than thirty regional theater productions.
Scott Oldham
Creative Director

In his former life, Jason was a personal trainer and a bouncer at several prolific Chicago nightclubs.
Jason Grey
Director of Digital Operations

Elissa won a jalapeño eating contest in college. She also researches genealogies and bakes four-layer coconut cakes from scratch.
Elissa Chamberlain
Art Director

Greg is a storyteller and performance artist.
Greg Ledger
Senior Designer/Developer

Myrna is a fan of myths and legends, particularly those of Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, and the Celts of the British Isles.
Myrna Traylor
Managing Editor

Kathleen loves DIY projects, including furniture painting and experimenting with different kinds of paints, patterns, and techniques.
Kathleen Wilson
Senior Art Director

Liza plays the viola in the Evanston Symphony Orchestra.
Liza Berger
Managing Editor

Ivette likes jumping on the trampoline with her son, taking spin class at the gym, and watching The Walking Dead.
Ivette Cortes
Art Director

Kathleen lived and studied in Madrid where she developed an obsession with Spanish food. Tapas, anyone?
Kathleen Hagan
Associate Director of Content

Gretchen is crafty. She also drinks hot chocolate, paints, and bakes.
Gretchen Rund
Art Director

Andy's home-away-from-home is Mexico, but when he's in Chicago, he likes to scorch the north suburban roads in a '68 Firebird.
Andy Lenner
Production Manager

Linda travels and collects seashells. But more often than not, she closes her eyes and dreams of sitting poolside with an adult beverage.
Linda Klepitch
Project & Ad Traffic Manager

Brad is an avid photographer and supported himself through grad school by shooting architecture, dance performances, college sports, and yes, weddings.
Brad Causey
Managing Editor/Video Specialist

Rick loves entertaining friends and family, but mostly he entertains his three kids by pretending to be a dinosaur or an international spy.
Rick Cruz
Senior Art Director

Megan watches every single live-action superhero show currently on television.
Megan Kramer
Editorial Associate

Eric finds design inspiration in album artwork and gig posters alike.
Eric Kreienbrink
Senior Designer/Developer

Tracy is obsessed with interior design and oversaw the GLC office renovations from concept to execution.
Tracy Cimba
Distribution Manager

Phil hits the health club every morning where he swims or spins. This enables him to overindulge in high-calorie dessert items later in the day.
Phil Malkinson
Senior Managing Editor

Janet enjoys hiking with her dog, yoga, and cooking.
Janet Kornas
Managing Editor

Andrew worked the late shift at his college radio station. The hours weren’t great, but he scored a lot of free T-shirts.
Andrew Conner
Managing Editor

Amy was never a ballerina, but she loves watching classical and contemporary dance on stage.
Amy Bernstein
Senior Managing Editor

Michelle lives for football season — and in the off-season lives for old episodes of Friday Night Lights.
Michelle Jackson
Senior Director of Content
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