You Developed User Personas — Now What?

No doubt you’ve been urged by marketing leadership, your communications agency or both to develop user personas that represent who your buyers are and what their journey looks like. Maybe you’ve heeded their advice, and dedicated resources to carefully research and flesh out half a dozen personas that provide the perfect portrait of your customer


How Content Marketing Can Change the Healthcare Marketing Ethics Dilemma

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Last year at MASHSMD in Annapolis, attendees engaged in an incredibly interactive presentation from Bioethical Services of Virginia’s Michael Gillette, Ph.D., on the ethics of healthcare marketing. He challenged attendees to think through potential ethical dilemmas associated with advertising outcome data. Is it ethical, for example, to claim the lowest infection rates — when your


Content Marketing Trends for Associations in 2017

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MarketingProfs, the Content Marketing Institute and Brightcove recently released their joint findings around B2B content marketing trends in 2017. The report is ripe with interesting and useful data for B2B marketers, but we’ve pulled out three major takeaways for associations. Content should be ongoing, not a campaign What the report says: Nearly three-quarters of respondents


Deer Me!

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Happy Holidays from GLC and cheers to our talented designer Elissa Chamberlain for her creative card design.


Using Improv to Improve Communication

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The December 2016/January 2017 issue of Fast Company magazine features an article about how improv techniques can help you communicate better. It showcases how cast members from Chicago’s Second City work with employers to engage employees in improv exercises geared toward strengthening their communication skills. GLC managing editor Kathleen Hagan experienced something similar when she


Question of the Week

Dispatch from the More-Than-You-Need-To-Know Department at GLC: thrice weekly, our editorial and design staff assembles to review projects in production. These meetings are managed by GLC’s Project & Ad Coordinator, Linda Klepitch. In the interest of team-building, Linda often closes the meeting by posing a personal question to the group, requesting that answers be emailed


Content Marketing for Professional Services Firms

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Content marketing is about more than just creating and distributing content—it requires a robust strategy in order to deliver relevant, valuable content and attract and engage a defined audience. Unfortunately, many professional services don’t seem to have a strategy, and are therefore just adding to the noise. From our experience, here are five specific areas


Content Marketing: Changing Gears in 2016

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What’s next in content marketing? GLC’s president John Cimba, who also sits on the board of The Content Council, shares his thoughts — along with other content marketing leaders — on where you should focus in 2016. Hint: We think it’s all about strategy.  


Content Marketing is Key During the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching, the gift-giving season is upon us. And this year shoppers are preparing to do some serious spending in stores and online. This means pressure on retailers to deliver. Here is what is expected of them: Popular gifts in stock (looks like “Star Wars” merchandise will rule the shelves this year)?


Measuring Your ROI

ROI is at the core of the content programs we deliver for our clients. If you’re not monitoring your content, or don’t know where to start, here’s a cheat sheet.

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