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Hospital Change Is Here

Healthcare reform is alive and well at U.S. hospitals. What does this mean for hospital marketers?


Successful Pairings

Having a seat at the table is vital in business today. But, it’s not always easy to get there. One key to success is building a close relationship with your CFO.


5 Writing Tips for a Low Reading Level Audience

Being aware of reading level is helpful for low and high reading level audiences. Over time, I’ve learned many tricks and tips for hitting the desired reading level.


Design is a Two-way Street

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Design is a two-way process, and participation and guidance are key to coming up with a final product that meets the client’s needs.


The New Era of Healthcare Marketing

Web, social networking and mobile technologies are revolutionizing business processes and healthcare marketers can be change agents by helping health systems better understand how to employ these technologies.


Print vs. Digital: The Best of Both Worlds

How we use media has changed. People today want to interact, share, post a comment or see exclusive content. I don’t think the physical, printed magazine will ever go away. I love to get my favorite magazines in print because the designs inspire me much more than the web-friendly versions of the same issue (#itsmyjob) (#visuallearner).


The Push/Pull Dynamics of Content Generation

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Content—be it news, entertainment, advertisement, or some hybrid therein—is at its best when it pushes us in some way. The best journalism keeps us informed (ideally, but not always, through objective means), pushing us to see world as it truly is. Great art inspires us, pushing us to dream big and see the world as

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