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Are Designers Stupid? — An Examination of the HOW Conference

Are designers being deliberately condescended to as a profession?


The Consumerization of Healthcare — and How it Affects Your Marketing

Knowing that there is more competition for your consumers’ healthcare dollars could certainly affect the way you to communicate with your consumer audience. Here are some tips.


4 Tips to Tell Your Story

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Marketers should spend at least 10% of their time on content marketing, says Robert Rose, chief strategist at the Content Marketing Institute. But creating engaging, targeted, scalable content is easier said than done. For time-strapped marketers, here are four content tactics you can implement in no time. Videos — YouTube is the second largest search


Why I Don’t Like “Content”

Good content deserves better. It should be carefully thought out with the reader, watcher or listener in mind. It should stem from the ideas you want to share, not from the space that needs to be filled. It should be part of an integrated communications strategy.


Why Responsive Design is the Only Way to Go

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Web development is a trendy place. While the fundamentals and the structures we use to build sites stay the same (HTML, CSS, Javascript), how we use them is constantly evolving. But unlike fads that come and go, the latest change — toward responsive website design (RWD) — is here to stay. And that is a


The End of a Relationship is Humbling — But Not Always a Bad Thing

For agencies, every meeting, every phone call, every assignment, no matter how small, is an opportunity to differentiate ourselves from the competition. For employees, being engaged in your work and demonstrating value at every turn will prove your worth.


Beauty vs. Truth: The Photoshop “Debate”

Every so often, there’s a flurry of activity in the ongoing controversy over newsstand magazines’ longstanding practice of airbrushing or Photoshopping cover models. Lately, we’ve seen the debate — if you can call it that — flare up over “Girls” star Lena Dunham’s cover for Vogue, and a Jennifer Lawrence photo that was used for

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