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Content Marketing: Changing Gears in 2016

What’s next in content marketing? GLC’s president John Cimba, who also sits on the board of The Content Council, shares his thoughts — along with other content marketing leaders — on where you should focus in 2016. Hint: We think it’s all about strategy.  


Healthcare Marketing 2016: The Power of Health Observances

GLC creates marketing plans for health systems, academic medical centers, and health plans so our content team is always looking for new ways to tell a timeless patient health story. The message may be to get fit; schedule a mammogram; or stay up-to-date on your screenings. And as we think about content plans for 2016,


Content Marketing is Key During the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching, the gift-giving season is upon us. And this year shoppers are preparing to do some serious spending in stores and online. This means pressure on retailers to deliver. Here is what is expected of them: Popular gifts in stock (looks like “Star Wars” merchandise will rule the shelves this year)?


Does Your Brand Belong on Instagram?

This year alone, Instagram grew from 300 million users to 400 million, surpassing the audience of Twitter. Coincidentally—or perhaps not—Instagram also opened its doors to all marketers in October. For the past two years, Instagram has invited only select brands to advertise on its platform. If you haven’t thought about advertising your brand on Instagram


Why Hospitals Need A Content Strategy Now More Than Ever

For the past four years, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) defined content marketing as “the creation and distribution of educational and/or compelling content in multiple media formats to attract and/or retain customers.” But, says the Institute, content marketing has matured into a formal business discipline. This year, they changed the definition to “a strategic marketing


GLC Wins 13 Content Marketing Awards

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The Fake War: Print vs. Digital

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Here’s what you know: People are exposed to digital content more than ever. About 92,000 new articles are published online every day, according to publishing analytics-software provider Chartbeat. Here’s what you think you know: As a result, print is dying. But this simply isn’t true. In reality, print remains critical when it comes to marketing

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