The Fake War: Print vs. Digital

Here’s what you know: People are exposed to digital content more than ever. About 92,000 new articles are published online every day, according to publishing analytics-software provider Chartbeat. Here’s what you think you know: As a result, print is dying. But this simply isn’t true. In reality, print remains critical when it comes to marketing


Remake/Remodel: The Hidden Art of the Magazine Redesign [Part 2]

Guest author: Scott Oldham, Creative Director In the last installment, I revealed some of the thinking behind GLC’s recent redesign of The Residential Specialist, the member publication of the Council of Residential Specialists. In this sequel, I want to look at the redesign of a totally different kind of animal: Bats (the member publication of


Remake/Remodel: The Hidden Art of the Magazine Redesign [Part 1]

Guest author: Scott Oldham, Creative Director The recent overhauls of The New York Times Magazine and Consumer Reports, helpfully dissected here and here, provide excellent case studies on both the need for and process of conducting a magazine redesign. All magazines need it from time to time; a magazine that fails to evolve will almost


Whoever said that design shouldn’t be hard?

Do lawyers hate legalzoom? Do doctors hate WebMD? Some cursory anecdotal research would suggest the answers are yes and yes (though deeper analysis reveals that lawyers and doctors really hate their clients and patients, respectively). In both cases, what the professionals seem most upset about is the one-size-fits-all mentality of the two services in question.


Corporate Influence in the Media & Native Advertising

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The Custom Content Council asked select members, including GLC’s Joe Stella, to comment on John Oliver’s take on native advertising and corporate influence in media.


Throwback Thursday: 25 Years and Counting

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Andy Lenner has been doing prepress for 25 years. He’s seen all the trends and advances, and still enjoys every minute.


Design Relaxation

Senior Art Director Rick Cruz shares the helpful tips he picked up at this year’s HOW Design Conference.


Content as Commodity

Simply wanting to offer content isn’t sufficient grounds for doing so; you have to have something relevant to say that your audience wants to hear and discuss.


Are Designers Stupid? — An Examination of the HOW Conference

Are designers being deliberately condescended to as a profession?


The Consumerization of Healthcare — and How it Affects Your Marketing

Knowing that there is more competition for your consumers’ healthcare dollars could certainly affect the way you to communicate with your consumer audience. Here are some tips.

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