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Professional, trade and healthcare associations turn to GLC for best-in-class content and communications strategies that engage members and further advocacy efforts. Designed around specific business goals and objectives, our programs—whether print, digital, mobile, social or video—deliver measurable and meaningful results for our association clients
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Strategic, Original, Actionable, Measurable


We know print is as powerful as ever. Branded magazines, journals, newsletters, marketing collateral, brochures, and books are essential ingredients to any robust content strategy.


Our award-winning design team knows how to bring a brand to life, creating imagery and layouts for websites, magazines, apps, annual reports, and advertisements. We can do it all.


A robust strategy fully analyzes the who, what, when, where, and why of your entire communications plan—so you can move forward with an efficient roadmap toward measurable results.

Branding & Identity

Bring new clarity to your association brand. If it’s time for a refresh or complete overhaul, let GLC help.


We’re expert storytellers and provide branded content developed specifically for you and your audience. Our content is never repurposed; always authentic, original, engaging, and actionable.


Websites, blogs, videos, social media marketing strategies, e-newsletter programs, and marketing automation. These are just a few of the measurable digital solutions we offer.

Marketing Automation

Membership marketing is essential for association growth. Make your campaigns powerful and simple-to-execute with our marketing automation partnership with Real Magnet.


We all know content is king, but distribution is queen. Making sure your message reaches its intended audience—and that they engage with it—is paramount to your success and to ours.

Real Magnet

Introducing Real Magnet & GLC

Your marketing automation system is in place but do you struggle to create purposeful content? Now, you can deliver the power of both — through one partnership.

Real Magnet — an intelligent cloud based marketing solution — features:

• Marketing automation

• Email marketing

• Inbound Marketing

• Analytics and Insights

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